2003 | A Marker | Makering | Lago Di Varna Italy

Land art A Marker, Markering 2003 is a temporary project, realized in the nature of Lago di Varna Italy. The materials are stones from the surroundings. The dimension is   L.  6. m.  W.  5 meters.

2008 | The Dream Landscape | Droomlandschap I Nijmegen Holland

Land art Droomlandschap, The Dream landscape is an indoor project made for exhibition Art Crumbles #5 in city Nijmegen. The materials are two kinds of sand with Christmas balls. The dimension is  L.   7.40 m.    W.   6.15 m.    H.   1 m.

2007 | Vraagteken | Nijmegen Holland

The exhibition Vraagteken, A Question Mark in 2007, is made for Art Crumblrs #4 in Nijmegen Holland. The Material is steel L.  1.10 m.   W.  1.10 m.

2000 I Het Stalen Geheim | Millingen Holland

Het Stalen Geheim 2000, The Secret Iron is made for an exhibition on a shipyard in Millingen. The re-used material steel comes from an old ship at this yard. L.  1.03 m.   W . 0.77  m.   H.  0.35  meter.

2001 | Het Vergeten Roer | Millingen Holland

The sculpture Het Vergeten Roer 2001, The Forgotten Rudder is made for the project exhibition Beelden aan de Dijk in Millingen, The re-used material is steel from a shipyard. The dimension is H.   4.20 m.   W.   1.20 meter.

2009 | The Triangle I Driehoek | Overasselt Holland

Land art The Triangle 2009, Driehoek is a temporary project in the sculpture garden Gaia & Ouranos in Overasselt The Netherlands. This project is composed of tree kinds of sand, planation and steel, a commission.   L.  30 meters.

2008 | Direction I Richting | Pordenone Italy

Land Art Direction, Richting 2008 is a temporary project in Pordenone Italy. In co-operation with  Evelien Melis. The materials are branches, stones and excavated sand. The demension is  L.  13. m. the sand circle  Ø 5 meters.

2001 | Europe Forte | Sennori Italy

Europe Forte is realized for the International Stone Symposium in Sennori Sardinia Italy. The material is traghita morbida stone. H.  1.62 m.   L .  0.70 m.   W.  0.50 m.

2013 | The Strenght of Nature | Nijmegen Holland

The Strenght of Nature 2013 is a scale model 1:50 . The materials are made of corten steel and bronze, the dimension is  H.  0.27  m.  L.  0.42 m.  W.  0.13 m. The recommended height is  13.50 meters.