2009 | Toevlucht | Lingewaard Holland

The draft 2009 Toevlucht, The Refuge is a land art concept for the contest Zwervende Erven along the river De Waal in Lingenwaard. It is made in co-operation with the landscaper H. Derks.

2009 | Toekomst Nederland | Nijmegen

The draft 2009 Toekomst Nederland, The Future of The Netherlands is a concept as a reference for a part of the Duth landscape in the future. The material is aluminium and the dimension is   H. 26 cm.   W. 23 cm.

2010 | Zandbank | Nijmegen Holland

The draft 2010 Zandbank, A Shoal is realized in coloured bronze and wood. The dimension is    L.  0.20 cm.    H.  6 centimeters.

2008 | Opgetild Water | Vorden Holland

The draft 2008 Opgetild Water, The Lifted Water is a concept for the village Vorden, The Netherlands. The recommended materials are corten steel and coloured bronze. The scale models is 1:20 H.  0.23 cm.  and the recommended height is  4.60 meters.

2008 | Sluiswerken | Beuningen Holland

The exbibition Sluis, The Sluice 2008 is a project exhibition in the artists centre De Nieuwe Gang  Beuningen The Netherlands. The submarine is made of coloured bronze and the dimension is L.  1. m.   W.  0.40 m.   H.  8  centimeters.

2012 | De Twijfel | Nijmegen Holland

The exhibition 2012 De Twijfel, The Doubt is a theme and realized for the Galerie de Natris Nijmegen The Netherlands. The materials are processed corten steel and a tear plate, the dimension of all the works is   H.  1.20 m.   W.  1.20 m .

2013 | An Composition | Wijchen Holland

The exhibition An Composition, Compositie is made for an atelier-route, organized by Kunstpost in Wijchen Holland The material is processed corten steel with coloured words L.   2.40 m.   W.   2.40 meters.