2015 | Figures | Figuren I Florence Italy

Land Art Florence 2015, Figures, Figuren is a temporary project made in a rest area of Parco Delle Sacine in Florence. The cross-section of the project is 12 meters.

2014 | Team-Work | Kaunas Lithuania

Land art Teamwork is a temporary project in the park Raudondvario Dvaro Sobyda outside the city Kaunas Lithaunia. In co-operation with Rita Bagdzcviciute from Lithaunia. The dimension is  Ø  8.50 meters.

2012 | Ordening | Ordering | Basel Switserland

Land art Ordening 2012, Ordering is a temporary project in the courtyard from MUBA Messe in Basel Switserland. In co-oporation with Andrea Schumann from Hungary. The materials are willow branches, the dimension is Ø  2.35 meters.

2012 | The Direction | Richting I Kaunas Lithuania

Land art Direction 2012, Richting is a temporary project as a reference for the cultural functions from the park Raudondvario Dvero Sobyba, outside the city Kaunas in Lithaunia. Is made in co-operation with Andrea Schumann from Hungary.   L.  7. m   W.   5.30 meters.

2012 | Passage | Grindelwald Switersland

Land Art Passage 2012  is a temorary project in Grindelwald Switserland, in co-operation with Evert van Schaik. The materials are stones, wood and branches from the surroundings. .

2009 | The Triangle I Driehoek | Overasselt Holland

Land art The Triangle 2009, Driehoek is a temporary project in the sculpture garden Gaia & Ouranos in Overasselt The Netherlands. This project is composed of tree kinds of sand, planation and steel, a commission.   L.  30 meters.