2013 | Baken aan de Rivier | Gendt, The Netherlands

The draft 2013 Baken aan de Rivier, The River Mark is is a reference to the brickworks of the past along the river De Waal. The location is in the river meadows of Gendt in The Netherlands. The recommended height is 7.50  meters.

2009 | Toekomst Nederland | Nijmegen

The draft 2009 Toekomst Nederland, The Future of The Netherlands is a concept as a reference for a part of the Duth landscape in the future. The material is aluminium and the dimension is   H. 26 cm.   L. 23 cm.  W. 13 cm.

2008 | Opgetild Water | Vorden Holland

The draft 2008 Opgetild Water, The Lifted Water is a concept for the village Vorden, The Netherlands. The recommended materials are corten steel and colored bronze. The scale models is 1:20 H.  23 cm.  and the recommended height is  4.60 meters.