2013 | The Strenght of Nature | Nijmegen Holland

The Strenght of Nature 2013 is a scale model 1:50 . The materials are made of corten steel and bronze, the dimension is  H.  0.27  m.  L.  0.42 m.  W.  0.13 m. The recommended height is  13.50 meters.

2005 | A Flight Way, Een Vliegroute | Arnhem, The Netherlands

The landmark A Flight Way, Een Vliegroute is a concept to visualize an existing flight way in the airspace of the Province Gelderland in Holland. This idea contains 3 landmarks in the landscape. On each landmark there is a different sculpture combined with LED lights and a transponder. When a plane flies over, the lights ... Lees meer

1998 | The Level 2000 | Utrecht, The Netherlands

Concept The Level 2000 as a landmark. This idea I have made, because I was fascinated by the flat landscape with the highway A2 and the new disctrict Leidsche Rijn near the city Utrecht in The Netherlands. The recommended height is 30 meters.