2015 | Figures | Figuren I Florence Italy

Land Art Florence 2015, Figures, Figuren is a temporary project made in a rest area of Parco Delle Sacine in Florence. The cross-section of this project is about 15 meters.

2005 | Fusie, Fusion | Leuth , The Netherlands

The commission Fusion 2005 is realized in the centre of the village Leuth, The Netherlands. Materials are granite, bronze and a plane tree. H.  3.60 m.  cross-section  5. meters.

2005 | Gezuiverd Water | Druten, The Netherlands

The commission The Purified Water, Gezuiverd Water is realized for the water company Vitens in the village Druten. The materials are colored steel and concrete. The dimension is   H.  1.65 m.   W.  0.92 m.

1999 | Spiraal | Bressanone, Italy

The commission Spiral 1999 is realized in front of the house from the artist CL. Olivotto. The materials are marble from Guatemala and granite.  H.  1.30 m.  L.  0.35 m.   W.  0.24 m.

1999 | Ontwikkeling | Cuijk, The Netherlands

The commission Development, Ontwikkeling 1999 is realized in front of the IBN in Cuijk. The materials are bronze with the stone desert cream.   H.  1.47 m.  L.  0.90 m.  W.  0.54  m.

1999 | Fontein, A Fountain | Cuijk, The Nehterlands

The commission Fountain 1999, Fontein is realized in the district De Hof van Heden in Cuijk, The Netherlands. The materials are bronze withe the natural stone desert cream and Italian mosaic. The dimension is   H.  2.10 m.   L.  7.50 m.   W.  7.50 meters.

1999 | Bastion | Cuijk, The Netherlands

The commission Bastion Cuijk 1999, is realized in the district Heeswijkse Kampen in Cuijk. In co-operation with the architect W.P.P. Kol. The materials are concrete and steel. The dimension is 16. meters high including the hill.